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14th July 2020 
The Practitioner. Kathleen and Jonathan

We are both passionate about helping people to understand how Complementary and Holistic therapies may help them relax and recuperate, or to overcome negative thought processes and habits. Clients can decide after a free consultation which Complementary or Holistic therapy is best for them.

I have always been interested in healing and in the positive influence of Complementary and Holistic therapies. As a young woman I started to study and accumulated a plethora of books on the subject. In my adult life I have had many opportunities to study and practice healing in various forms.

I also saw an angel. It was an amazing experience. The vision appeared at a time in my life when I was experiencing great emotional turmoil and sadness. A week later, my car was hit on a roundabout and was a complete write off. Miraculously my life and health were spared. I shall never forget the vision. It was frightening but beautiful and gave me real comfort and hope.

My mother encouraged me to attend church with her and fortuitously, I met my future husband Jonathan. He was a practising Spritual Healer and taught Spiritual Healing classes. Some years later we were married in the same church.

That was 25 years ago, but Jonathan's career and passion have been in education. Hence healing, Complementary Therapy and Holistic Therapy and education came together in the business name of J&KInsights (the initial J representing Jonathan and the initial K representing Kathleen) as both contribute to providing valuable insight into important techniques and philosophy for life.

At the age of 45 after 5 years of part time study I obtained a Batchelor of Science (Hons) degree.
It led to a professional career as a Quantity Surveyor until my husband's Aunt came to live with us when suffering with a terminal illness. This became a defining moment, as my inner driving force to be involved in healing and in Complementary and Holistic therapies resurfaced. I began to crave a return to that kind of life.

I am now a Support Worker and also, a Light Worker and Complementary and Holistic Therapist.
I have worked in NHS Hospitals as a Health Care Assistant in both Mental Health Forensic units and on General wards. I have supported vulnerable adults with palliative care and also, supported people suffering with Motor Neuron disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Bi-Polar, Down Syndrome, Tourette syndrome, Alzheimer's and Dementia, Cancer and Functional Neurological disorder and Personality disorder and Schizophrenia.

My therapies and spiritual techniques have been developed by studying with various organisations, including The School of Natural Health Sciences. My practice has been influenced by skilled and inspirational practitioners, such as Mark Perrin Jones (a highly regarded remedial Massage Therapist) and owner of award winning Isa Verde Spa, Karen E Wells (founder of the KEW Training Academy, where courses are accredited by The Complementary Therapists' Accredited Association), Annette Reilly (Kinesiologist and Acupressure Expert),and Anya Hricko, PhD. (Certified Reflexologist with 40 years experience),Tania Magdalene (Spiritual Teacher), and a long time favourite of mine, Betty Shine (Spiritual healer, Medium and author of 'Mind Magic'); and various others who have helped to enrich the lives of many people.